Thursday, September 22, 2016

webBooks are Center of Action

The center of action for that last several weeks has been webBook activity namely Cincinnati Region ICE and Business Cs.  See the blogs for each of the webBooks for details.  Much of the work is in preparation for ProductCamp Cincinnati 2016 where I have proposed two talks, one from each of the webBooks.

Hopefully the folks at ProductCamp will understand what I am up to and find value there.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

webBooks Emerge

While it's been a while since the last entry, there has been much happening.

webBooks - At the time of the last post, fall 2013, I was focused on creating "Legumes."  From fall 2013 though fall 2014 the name migrated from Legumes to Legume webBooks and then to simply webBooks.  The approach and underlying methodology has remained the same, the "Legume Method," but the name of the result changed.

vBooks - When you make a presentation using a webBook and make a video of that presentation, the result is a video book which I have dubbed "vBook."  Rather than a single vBook for the entire webBook, each webBook usually has multiple vBooks.

eBooks - Another webBook format is a pdf file including all pages of the webook.  I call this an eBook.  This is handy if you want to share the webBook as a single file or you want to print some or all of the pages.

webBook Homepage - The concept of a webBook homepage was developed to provide a convenient web reference point to a webBook, its eBook, and all of the vBooks associated with it.  This is also a good place to provide a link to a Blog about the webBook.

Collections - If the information contained in a webBook becomes unwieldy it is time for a collection.  A webBook collection is a set of webBooks in the same topic area.

Portfolios - The collection of work produced by an artist is often referred to as the artist's portfolio.  Noting that there is an art component to webBooks, I have adopted this term to refer to a webBook creator's body of work.  Here is my portfolio.

Well that's a start to bringing you up to date on the happenings at Legume Technologies.

Perhaps you too will become a webBook author creating your own portfolio.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taste of Legume Updated

Today I updated Taste of Legume to better reflect alignment with the Legume Technologies mission:

  • To use the Legume Information Method for the good of others.
  • To enable others to do the same.

Check out the updated Taste.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Legume Website Rebuild Complete

The rebuild of the Legume website is compete.  Give it a visit to see easier access to everything we are up to.  There you will find descriptions of services available, product download information, access to my Legume portfolio, and other valuable Legume info. Enjoy!

Legume 3.9.2 Released

Today we released Legume 3.9.2 for Microsoft Visio.  The major effort in this release is support for Microsoft Visio 2013.  There are also general bug fixes.  I suggest that all Visio 2010 and Visio 2013 users migrate to this release.  Go the the product page to get the download.  One thing to note.  For alignment with Visio 2013 there is a new "Project Save As" button on the Legume ribbon.  This replaces the project access under the menu selection "File, Save As..."  So use the "Project Save As" button the first time you save a new Legume file and every time you want to make a copy of an existing project.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Comet First Use Guide Updated

I have completed the next pass of Comet First Use Guide providing an introduction to Comet, the robust  product simulation environment from Comet Solutions.  Example 2 showing Comet linked to an Excel spreadsheet is new and vBooks (videos) have been updated.  Take a look.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comet First Use Guide Available

I have completed the first pass of Comet First Use Guide providing an introduction to Comet, the robust  product simulation environment from Comet Solutions.  Hope you enjoy and find it valuable.